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Terms of Reference

We – means Jobs4Care Ltd, and “our” should be construed accordingly

You – means the person, firm, company or organisation browsing and/or using the Website, and “your” should be construed accordingly

Employer – means the person, firm, company or organisation paying a subscription fee to access the Website as an employer

Job Applicant – means a person registered with a personal account using the service to view job advertisements, find employment, and be visible to employers

Visitor – means a person, firm, company or organisation that is neither registered or subscribed that is using the Website

Jobs4Care – means Jobs4Care Limited


1. General

Each time you access or use our Website (www.jobs4caretoday.com), you are deemed to accept these terms and conditions regardless of whether you are deemed by the company to be an Employer, Job applicant, or Visitor. These terms and conditions may be varied by Jobs4Care from time to time and it is your responsibility to keep up to date with the terms and conditions.

Whilst we try to ensure that the standard of the website remains high, the internet is not a stable medium, and errors, omissions, interruptions of service and delays may occur at any time. We do not accept any liability arising from such errors, omissions, interruptions or delays or any ongoing obligation to operate the Website or to provide the service offered on the Website. In addition, access to this website may be suspended temporarily and without notice in the case of system failure, maintenance or repair or for reasons beyond our control.

On this site you will be offered links to other sites which we hope may be of interest to you. We do not accept any responsibility or liability in respect of the content of those sites and the information contained on those Websites do not represent any statement or views of Jobs4Care.

The information contained on this website does not represent any statement or views of Jobs4Care, and while we make every effort to ensure that the information on our website is accurate, some of the information is supplied to us by 3rd Parties and we are not able to check the accuracy or completeness of that information. We do not accept any liability arising from inaccuracy or omission in any of the information on our Website or any liability in respect of information on the Website supplied by you, any other Website user or any other person.

We do not accept any liability, responsibility, or views as to the suitability or otherwise of the Job applicant or Employer, nor does Jobs4Care accept any responsibility or liability for the quality, suitability or timeliness of the Job applicant’s work. It is your responsibility to ensure that the Job applicant or Employer, the employment contract’s terms and conditions, or outcome of work are appropriate and meet your requirements. Jobs4Care does not act as a recruitment agency and does not carry out pre-employment checks on Job applicant or registrations checks on Employers; this is wholly your responsibility. Further information on suggested suitable pre-employment checks can be found on our Website.

2. Scope of service

You may only use the website for lawful purposes when seeking employment or help with your career or when recruiting staff. Jobs4Care provides a web based advertising site linking Job applicant and Employers and enabling them to interactively manage their own recruitment or employment. This may be applicable to Employers looking to employ the services of Carer or to Carer / Job applicant looking to be employed by Employers. To achieve this, Jobs4Care allows Employers to post live and open job advertisements and have a search and contact facility of Job applicant seeking employment, and allows Job applicant to access job advertisements and contact facility of Employers with current vacancies.

Each Job applicant and Employer understands and agrees that Jobs4Care has no involvement concerning matching (unless they have the gold subscription ) or recommending Job applicants/Employers to other Job applicants/Employers as well as understanding that Jobs4Care has no obligation to provide Job applicant with suitable links and cannot and does not give any guarantee as to suitability of links. A link shall be considered an interaction between Job applicant and Employers, and this shall be satisfied by Jobs4Care providing the facility for one party to communicate with the other party.

Jobs4Care offer social media and digital marketing services via a Facebook Group, Twitter, LinkedIn and email newsletters intended to provide information, advice, ideas and offers to Job applicant and Employers. These mediums are specifically not forums for job searches or recruitment, which should be conducted via the Jobs4Care website, and we would ask you to respect this. If you do not wish to receive our e-newsletters, please send an email to info@jobs4caretoday.co.uk adding the word UNSUBSCRIBE into the subject heading.

3. Subscribing


As a visitor you will be able to view helpful advice and tips on your chosen career or recruitment, and job advertisements by employers 48 hours after being placed.

Job Applicant

As a Job applicant you will receive all the benefits and features available. You will be able to view helpful advice and tips on your chosen career, priority viewing of job advertisements placed by employers, ability to sign up to immediate alerts of job advertisements matching your selected criteria, and the ability to communicate with Employers.


Our Employer packages are catered to suit your recruitment needs. Please see our Subscription Fees for a description of the current cost of becoming an Employer and the varying packages available. Jobs4Care may change the subscription fees at any time, which for existing Employers will take effect on expiry of their then current period of subscription, but otherwise will be immediately effective. Jobs4Care will endeavor to give reasonable notice of any change in subscription fees before implementing any change.

4. Subscription

Jobs4Care may immediately terminate your subscription without warning if you breach any of these terms and conditions (as may be amended from time to time), if Jobs4Care receives any complaint about your conduct, or if you act in a manner deemed by Jobs4Care to be inappropriate.

You may terminate your membership at any time, for any reason, effective upon receipt by us, by emailing a notice of termination to info@jobs4caretoday.co.uk . However, you acknowledge and agree that you will not be entitled to any refund of any membership fees paid to Jobs4Care.

5. Our responsibilities

We will respect your information and will comply with all applicable data protection legislation in force in England and Wales. At times we may be required to disclose your personal information to contracted third party suppliers where this is necessary to fulfil our obligations to you. Such third party suppliers shall only be entitled to use your personal information to fulfil its obligations to Jobs4Care. By becoming a Job applicant /Employer of Jobs4Care you are consenting to Jobs4Care using your personal information to provide the services and provide you with information about products and/or services offered by Jobs4Care which may be of interest to you and also to your personal information being passed to third party suppliers where necessary.

If you do not wish your details to be disclosed to contracted third party suppliers, then please email info@jobs4caretoday.co.uk  stating this request in writing. In order to maintain the integrity of this website, we reserve the right to forward your contact details to any regulatory authorities when requested to do so, including the police.

6. Your responsibilities

You are responsible for any information that you give which must be specific and relate to your current needs. You agree that you are solely responsible for ensuring the suitability of candidates for the vacancy you are advertising or the job you are applying for.

It is recommended that you undertake a rigorous face to face interview, take steps to verify previous employment and qualifications, take up character and work references, undertake a Criminal Records Disclosure check and other actions you consider necessary to confirm the integrity of a candidate or the person you are applying to for a job. You also agree that age, gender or ethnicity data or any other such information provided by an applicant will not be used in any employment-related decision you make. However, this is your responsibility and Jobs4Care no responsibility or liability for the placing of a candidate.


7. Employer profiles

All contents of the Employer profiles are subject to our approval. We reserve the right in our sole discretion to reject or remove any Employer profile at any time if we believe in good faith it fails to conform to applicable laws and regulations, our policies or the public interest. In addition, we may reject any URL link or personal contact details embodied within any advertisement.

Jobs4Care may deactivate the accounts of Employers who have not used the service for a period of eighteen months or more (as calculated by the date of last connection to the service).

8. Commercial use by members

Job applicant may not use the services offered through this website or the website itself for illegal and/or unauthorised uses, including collecting usernames and/or email addresses of Job applicant by electronic or other means for the purpose of sending unsolicited email and unauthorised framing of or linking to the website. Any such action will be investigated, and appropriate legal action may be taken, including without limitation, civil, criminal, and injunctive remedies.

9. Use by agencies

Jobs4Care can be used by agencies. If an agency wishes advertise or subscribe then they must registered as an Employer and have clearly stated in the “A bit more about me” section of their profile that they are operating on behalf of an agency.

10. Security

In order to register with the Website and sign in when you visit the Website, you will need to use a username and password. You are solely responsible for ensuring that you keep your username and password confidential and do not disclose it to any other person. You must notify us immediately if you believe that your password is known to someone else or if it may be used in an unauthorised way. We accept no liability for any unauthorised or improper use or disclosure of any password.

11. Exclusion of liability

Except where expressly provided in law Jobs4Care shall be under no liability whatsoever to Job Applicants,  Employers or any third party for any defect in, failure of, or unsuitability or unfitness for any purpose of this website or the services offered by Jobs4Care through this website or third party equipment or software used to access the website or for infringement of rights or any other cause.Jobs4Care has a maximum of nil liability for any reason , including without limitation for breach of contract, breach of statutory duty or negligence.

12. Law

These terms and conditions and your use of the services offered through this website shall be governed by English law and the parties shall submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. If any provision of these terms and conditions is held invalid, the remaining provisions shall continue in full force and effect. The headings are for convenience only and shall have no effect on interpretation.

13. Modern Slavery Act Statement

We are committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in any part of our business.



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